Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hey folks!

I'm seriously considering opening an Etsy shop to sell prints and stuff on. I could really use the extra cash right now. Question is, would anyone actually buy my stuff?

It's worth a shot. We'll see if I bother.




  1. Creating an Etsy account isn't hard, its putting stuff on there that takes more effort. Well, I guess I wouldn't know, because I never actually put anything up on mine.

  2. It depends on a few things, I suppose. I personally love your work and if the price wasn't outrageous than I would probably purchase something if I felt like I would hang it in my home.

    I tried Etsy and it didn't work for me, but I didn't really market it or put my name out there. It's like a social network in itself and I didn't have the time to really sell my stuff. I also only put up a few pieces, and I think artists who offer a variety of works are much more successful.

    Good luck to you if you do pursue Etsy, and its not really a major loss if you try and it doesn't work out for you. I spent like a dollar to find that it didn't work for me. If you post some prints I'll try and pick one up for sure.

  3. Yeah, I really have nothing to lose, I suppose. I'll keep everyone updated on the matter! I'm sure I'll have a shop open on there very soon. ;D