Sunday, November 28, 2010

Benji Bolts

Hey folks!

Quick one today.

I used yesterday's Livestream as an opportunity to reveal Benji Bolts, potential love interest for Yoki Safari.  I didn't go into too much detail, only saying that his profession warrants him wearing a silly jumpsuit, his sunglasses have a special property, that he is particularly shady, and that he looks similar to another character.  Here's Benji:

Anyway, gonna go for now.  Later!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Morrigan Aensland

Hey folks!

It has been a little while since I last posted. I have been pretty busy (satisfyingly so) and have not had as much time for "art for me," and I am not able to post any of the paid things I have completed just yet. Soon, I reckon.

Anyway, instead of playing video games or watching Battlestar Galactica (can you believe I've never seen it?!), I decided I'd spend my relaxation time drawing something for fun. I chose to draw Morrigan Aensland, popular Capcom character born of the Darkstalkers series, but featured in many of their "...Vs. Capcom" games. I've been wanting to draw her for a while now as I've always felt her design is really very solid. Great color choices, good balance of elements, a lot of personality, and frankly I happen to love sexy characters. But that's just me.

Here's the completed image:

I went with "80s bangs" Morrigan simply because I dig it more and it translates better to my style than the flat-haired Morrigan featured in current iterations of the character.

Sort of a run-of-the-mill "Drew Green" pinup, but I wasn't prepared to put too much thought into this so there you go. I have relied heavily on my "gouache brush" in Photoshop so I decided to try something softer this time around. It made the process generally faster and I think the results are nice enough. Basically, I erased some areas so that the edges were harder than others where the edges are soft and used the blur tool to connect those areas seamlessly, and for the most part it worked.

Here's the sketch:

Any good artist will tell you that you should do a mirror flip of your sketch so that you can truly see some of the mistakes you may have missed. In this case, I didn't just edit some lines here and there. I also revamped the pose quite a bit and overhauled her eyes, which in the original, unedited sketch simply were not exuding the "sex" that you'd come to expect from a character like Morrigan. The change to the eyes was a last-minute thing: I'm realizing more and more that when something doesn't feel right even slightly, I should just scrap it. I almost kept the original eyes but I made the right decision and changed them to satisfy my gut feeling.

Anyway, enough rambling. I realize that it's Thanksgiving (here in the United States), and nothing says "Thanksgiving" like a demonic succubus girl from fighting games. So happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and eat a ton of food in the name of...eating a ton of food!



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Busy Season

Hey folks!

Although I certainly feel a little bad for not utilizing my blog lately, I'm happy to say that it's because I am indeed very busy on paid work, thus paying my bills and keeping everything running. I just quit my job at Blockbuster Video...I was simply fed up and felt that it's time for me to take freelancing more seriously and also look for one, relevant "regular" job doing art.

So that is my goal.

If you'd like to help me out, you can commission me!

Additionally, I will be putting some prints up for sale pretty soon so be on the lookout for that. ;D

In the meantime, I promise I will post some art here in the near future. I would like to revise and clean up my portfolio, too, so that'll be a good time to update.

Hope all is well!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Ridley Vs. The Boos

Hey folks!

A late night/early morning post this time, since I need to update my blog.

Big news:  I have a Livestream page!  You can go there to watch me draw live every now and then (I'll make noise about when I'll do it).

To kick things off, I created my celebratory Halloween image from start to finish throughout three live events on my streaming channel, and I think that despite some technical difficulties experienced largely during the coloring stage, the experience was a positive one.

Let's start with the finished image, I s'pose:

The image features one of my own original characters, gamer geek Ridley Duncan, dressed to resemble Mario. Some Boos and a mid-transformation coin block were thrown in for good measure and "scary" fun, to keep things Halloween-y (lawl).

Here are the process shots:

I started with an idea of what I wanted to do on the air with a quick and dirty sketch. Off-air, I made some edits and even added more background elements to flesh out the image and make it way more interesting and closer to the theme. Back on air, the concept was polished when I inked my sketch in Adobe Illustrator, and later that night I colored the image from start to finish live. I topped the piece off with some glows on the Boos and gold elements and a subtle color filter to bring it all together.

I hope you dig it! Lemme know your thoughts!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cranston Silvernose Concepts

Hey folks!

This time, I bring to you some concepts of a minor character in "The Quest for Love with Yoki Safari," Cranston Silvernose. Cranston is the town science man. He invents, discovers, pokes and prods at things, and is an infinite source of wisdom. Naturally, though, he is very eccentric.

Cranston Silvernose pen concepts
Cranston Silvernose colored concept

The pen and ink concepts were done during work at the video store a couple weeks ago. It's all in chronological order. You can see that the character started out looking really different from what I ultimately ended up with.

Admittedly, I much prefer the wide-eyed, vibrant Cranston seen in the pen and ink concepts to the one from the colored concept. I feel he does not have the same liveliness about him, but that's okay. I can instill that later.

The colors are not final, I should say. Something feels off about them. But it's a good start.

The thing on his back is sort of a ticks away as the hot moon rises and sets. Cranston is rarely seen outside of his little laboratory, so he needs some method of knowing what time it is. ;D

Cranston will not be a particularly prominent character. His real introduction beyond just being present in the background will probably be somewhere around issue 3. That's the plan right now, anyway.

Alrighty, g'night folks!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Turnover Concepts

Hey folks!

Work on my upcoming webcomic, "The Quest for Love with Yoki Safari," has been going well. My main focus right now is tying up loose ends and getting a better understanding for the environments (because I've got a pretty good understanding for the characters at this point, hehe). Today, I share with you some concepts for the little castle town of Turnover, the central setting of the comic.

Turnover concepts

Turnover is super-tiny, consisting of a main castle, surrounding homes (made from old "castle parts") that house the residents, and the seedy underbelly of Turnover, "Dark Turnover." It is not a particularly populated little kingdom, consisting of only a handful of people and located in the middle of a vast desert.

Turnover is located on planet Rockstead. Rockstead is unique in that it has two moons: one is the "hot moon," a source of light and heat for the daytime, and the other is the "cold moon," which is much larger (a concept not illustrated above, unfortunately) moon that causes the nights to be chilly and sort of bright. The left is day, the right is get it. I reckon the cold moon might actually be a full moon at all times, with the hot moon being a crescent moon as illustrated. Still tinkering with the idea, so we'll see.

And of course, there is a circular courtyard in front of the main castle that has a neat little whale fountain. This design isn't finalized...I actually dunno if I want it to be so cute. I might go with something a little more mysterious and stoic, but we'll see what works.

Anyway, lemme know your thoughts!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

MON concepts

Hey folks!

It's time now for another round of concepts for a project that is either defunct entirely or put on the waaaaaay-back burner (as in...anything that isn't Yoki Safari). Spotlight: MON.

MON concepts

MON is a project I never actually got around to revealing to anyone until this moment, and it was only created recently, dead as soon as it was born. I'm only just now noticing that a lot of my favorite artists and creators are pulling from the things that influenced them as children: Tartakovsky's take on anime teenagers in mech suits in the form of "Sym-Bionic Titan," McCracken's observation of a world in which imaginary friends live relatively peacefully with ordinary citizens in "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" as well as his cheerful interpretation of formulaic superhero tales in "The Powerpuff Girls." So...what influenced me heavily as a kid?

It was somewhere from 1998-ish to the early 2000s that the "collecting and battling colorful monsters" craze was at its very height. Most kids had chosen to jump on the popular bandwagon of Pokemon, which I certainly enjoyed, but I found a much richer experience in the detailed designs and character-driven plots of Digimon. For a long time, I have nerdily thought to myself "What would I do if given the reins to the horse that is the monster collecting/battling genre?" The answer is "MON."

Telling the tale of an inner-city 20-something with no aspirations and plenty of problems who is swept up in the interdimension-protecting agenda of a small, orange dinosaur named Karondo, MON is an action-oriented, gritty take on the monster collecting/battling genre. It was meant to follow a similar path of the first season of Digimon, with some of the grittier, darker tones and themes found in the excellent third season.

Ultimately, when I realized that the only project I REALLY want to be working on right now is "The Quest for Love with Yoki Safari," I put "MON" away with the rest of my stuff. Maybe it'll resurface one day, maybe not.

Anyway, I know I just lost cool points for admitting that I chose Digimon over Pokemon and was ever actually considering doing a webcomic inspired by it, but least I'm honest.



Monday, October 11, 2010

Catch Up

Hey folks!

Wowza! My last blog entry was one of those awful "I need to update" entries, in which I promised I'd update the next day or so. Well, it has been a couple weeks now and still no update, haha. So, here are a couple things that I decided to put on here finally.

First, as announced on my Deviantart page, I have canceled "Charlie Dubai." I got very tired working on a project I did not feel passionate about, so I pulled the plug to save myself from going nuts. As a nice send-off, here's a piece of concept art for Castle Mermalot, dwelling of the merfolk and setting of most of the first issue of Charlie Dubai.

Castle Mermalot concept

My focus now, then, is "The Quest for Love with Yoki Safari," which I will be doing as a webcomic instead of the originally proposed print comic. I'm finally locking down some character designs, most notably Yoki, Jules, and Durango, all shown in the following image (sketch and complete).

Yoki Safari - The Good Guys - sketch
Yoki Safari - The Good Guys

I will make some noise about the details of the webcomic, particularly its launch and location, when I know more. ;D

Finally, to cap things off, here are some fun "Duncan Button" doodles and concepts.

Duncan Button sketches and doodles

From left to right: A full-body image of Denise (drawn with the Pencil Tool); a side-view of Pac; Ridley's new design featuring less face fuzz; Ridley playing a video game in his underwear (don't lie, you've done it too); the current design for Ridley's friend Maria Grind; A failed image of Ridley that came out WAY too fat; a concept for another one of Ridley's friends, fighting game fanatic Seth.

And there you have it! I finally updated! I will try to be more active and up-to-date with my blog. I feel bad for neglecting it!

Hope all is awesome,


Monday, September 13, 2010

Inactivity, whoops!

Hey folks!

Sorry I have not posted anything in a little while, things have been slightly busy. I have art to post here, as well as a few sketches that I want to keep exclusive to the blog, so there are things to show. Also, I have some new art thoughts that I'd like to scrounge together and share.

But for now, I have to go to work. I will probably update tomorrow.



Monday, August 30, 2010

Pencil Tool Fun Time!

Hey folks,

So last night I was playing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game on Xbox 360, which is pretty fun and worth the $10 asking price. My favorite aspect of the game is its beautifully-illustrated character sprites, showcased in a fun style indicative of the comic but its very own thing at the same time. The artwork inspired me to go into Photoshop and build my own pixel character. The result was only okay (straight-up pixel art is not one of my strong suits) but I can't show it to you because it's one of the "date" characters from Yoki Safari, and I'm not prepared to reveal any of those guys just yet. ;D

But the effort was not totally pointless. I sat back down after playing some more of the game with a friend and half-heartedly fiddled around with the pencil tool even more, and found that it makes inking infinitely more easy and quick, and looks fantastic! Because of the anti-aliased nature of the lines, coloring is also a million times simpler.

The first result was a fun doodle of a tattooed girl:

Chibi tattoo chick

Second, I did a fun picture of Charlie Dubai's head in a talk bubble:

Charlie's head in a bubble

Then I did this freaky picture of some evil chick. I don't much care for it, it's kind of awful, but here you go anyway:

Evil chick doodle

That's a lie. I like the shines in her hair, I guess.

More things to come, soon. I'm going to continue experimenting with the pencil tool and see what kind of benefits I can get from it.

Take care,


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maria Grind and Yoki Safari

Hey folks!

Lately, I've been a little lacking in the updates realm, for which I apologize. I have been working on a freelance gig that has proven to be quite hefty in the workload department, and it has left basically no time for drawing the things that I want to draw. That is the way it works, I guess.

But! I have a concept sketch for a character from "The Duncan Button." Her name is Maria Grind, and she is Ridley Duncan's good friend (and love interest).

Maria Grind concept

She is an avid RPG fan, hence the last name, and a bit of a Japanophile, but has a good head on her shoulders. This was drawn a little while ago, dunno why it took me so long to get it online. There are a couple things I can see right now that I want to change about the design, but such is the nature of an initial concept sketch.

Also, did a sketch of Yoki Safari, trying to nail down the look I want for her, getting very close:

Yoki, August 2010 sketch

And what's that? The return of the swirly swoosh in her hair? Le gasp! Only time will tell if it stays...

Anyway, I should be back to drawing regularly again in a week or two, and again, I apologize for the silence.

Take care, folks!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Color Holds In Illustrator Are Tough...

Hey folks!

Just wanted to blow my own horn. I threw together a new ID for Deviantart, because I wanted one to reflect my current beardiness. Here are the inks:

DA ID August 2010 - inks

And the fully-colored version:

DA ID August 2010 - colored

Take a look at where the beard meets the hair, in both versions. In Illustrator CS, making colored lines - or "color holds," as I believe I've heard them referred previously - is a bit more of a challenge than it is in, say, Photoshop. It requires some patience, forethought, and in many ways, a "well, looks like you're gonna have to do that all over again, because you messed up, buddy! mindset. It's Satisfying, but tricky.

Imagine throwing a gradient into that. That complicates things a little bit.

So look at and appreciate the beard-to-hair transition. Because it was hard. Yes, I would love some cheese to go with my whine.

Take care,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Charlie Dubai Vs. Magnus Mayhem

Hey folks!

Started on this one last night (sketched in Photoshop, inked in Illustrator) and colored it (Photoshop) today. It's a promotional piece for my comic, "Charlie Dubai," and once I get my Etsy shop up and running again, this will be featured as a print (signed, of course).

Charlie Dubai Vs Magnus Mayhem

Last night as I became extremely tired after working on this, I watched some "Samurai Jack" on DVD to wind down. I actually hadn't really appreciated the show when it was on the air. My mind was in a different place, and my tastes were less-refined. I didn't "get" it. But now I do. Let's toss aside the fact that the storytelling in each show is super-tight and very compelling, and examine that every single shot in that cartoon is an absolute work of art. Never have I seen a style so honed and delicious, full of nuances but simple enough to digest without any problems. Characters are flat and bold in color and line, not a single one poorly-designed or not compelling, and backgrounds are beautifully textured and wonderfully stylized. Mr. Tartakovsky didn't create a cartoon, he created a visual masterpiece.

I only mention it because I think it directly informed the way I colored this. I've been working hard to make some more traditional-looking brushes in Photoshop, to decent results. I would not compare my art to anything seen on that show, but I can say that it has inspired me to work harder at a certain look.

Anyway, enjoy the art! I'll let you know when it and other pieces go on sale!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Largest Nosering Ever Version 2

Hey folks!

Here, have a new version of one of my older, all-vector works:

Largest nosering Ever V2

I've been on a bit of a Photoshop kick lately. I think it has been good for me to give the vectors a bit of a rest, letting my hand do all the work again instead of the mouse. Mind, I sketch in Photoshop, but I often produce the finished image in Illustrator, which is a great program but so technical that sometimes it can be creatively stifling.

One thing I have a really hard time with where digital painting is concerned is line art. I dunno what it is, perhaps I have a shaky, unsteady hand, but I just cannot seem to get the nice, crisp results some people can inking in programs like Photoshop (which, frankly, isn't the best program for inking anyway). So I exported the inks of one of my previous images as a Photoshop doc and decided to paint it. You can see the all-vector version here.

You know, I take pride in my ability to make Illustrator do some pretty neat things, and I really like the original version of this image, but...I think I like this one better! I think it has a little more life to it, some of the color choices are better (I always hated my decision to go with that macaroni yellow background, but nothing else seemed to work).

I would love your feedback!



Inks: Adobe Illustrator CS. Colors: Photoshop CS.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Caricatures yay!

Hey folks!

So, the other night, I got a little bored and yet somehow simultaneously inspired, so I decided to fill my free time (and then some) with some art. This was the result:

Caricatures_colored and collected

These are caricatures of people I am friends with on facebook! Some of them I know in real life, some of them I do not, but all of them were a lot of fun to draw. Here, have some blurby hotness about each one.

-Will: I have drawn this fellow before, but I didn't feel like the likeness was quite...there. I know it's hard for you guys to know without a comparison, but I think this one looks more like him, I think. He is in fancy opera-singing attire. Or at least that's what I assume, considering the reference photo I used.

-Tim: I don't know Tim that well, but he seems like a cool guy. And frankly, with those awesome tattoos and the epic sunglasses and mustache, how could I possibly resist? His tattoos are not entirely accurate, but it's the essence that counts the most when drawing in a cartoony style, and don't you forget it, kids!

-Matt: The most interesting thing about this particular caricature is that it wouldn't (and didn't) look a thing like Matt without his lightly-colored eyes. It's amazing how something so small can make such an enormous difference! Oh, and a word to Matt: cheer up, cheeseburger, it's not all so bad.

-Katie: She's a long-time friend of mine, I had no choice! Actually, that's not why I drew her. I did so because I've never drawn a picture of her that looked anything like her, and it was about time I did. I think it's successful, though I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that she looks like a Scott Pilgrim character here. ;D

-Wes: My father's best friend, he has known me since I was very very young. This ones stands out in that I think it looks the most like the person it's supposed to be (hard for you to know, I know, no point of reference). I don't know how it happened, but when drawing Wes, he just poured out of hands and onto the digital canvas, it was amazing! I hope he agrees...

-Jen: Wes's wife and all-around cool gal, why would I not want to draw her? I fear her hair is a little big here, and maybe not long enough...but I tried. Your facebook photos are dark, Jen! By the way, if you had photos of yourself with your new vintage-styled hair, I would have included that. For shame, Jen, for shame.

-Tara: Tara's pretty awesome. From my admittedly limited time knowing her so far, I can already tell that Tara is an adventurous, smart lady with a "glass-half-full" attitude and a lot of interesting things to say. You can read those interesting things at her blog, Sylace Says Yes (hence the "YES!" word balloon). I highly recommend you give her a read!

GUYS! I could totally write an animated/comic book sitcom and use you as the cast of that sitcom! I love how these came out!

Frankly, my favorite part about this little project was just how challenging it was to capture the likenesses and essences of these people, and how rewarding it was when I finally felt like I did. I'm so used to drawing things from my head, and in many ways that can be easier because I'm in control. But when you draw real people, you have to be faithful to whom they really are or you run the risk of disrespecting their being. I hope you guys feel like I did you justice!

And if you don't, well...these were unsolicited, free commissions, so stop bitching.

Take care!


PS: Don't feel bad if you were not included this time around. I enjoyed doing this so much that I wouldn't be surprised to find myself doing it again in the near future, and naturally I'll need a whole host of new subjects. ;D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art Thoughts - Urban and Vector Art

Hey folks!

Sometimes, I have random thoughts and ideas about art itself. And since this is an art blog, and not simply a "sketch blog," I think it's okay if I share them here (I wouldn't be surprised if I post this on my DA gallery as a journal, too, as I know I will get some feedback there). I would like to share my thoughts a little more often, instead of just rehashing images I post elsewhere, to you.


I was perusing DeviantART, looking for various groups that cater to the kind of art I do so that I might more-efficiently whore myself out to the masses. And I came across a group focused on vector art. Okay, fair enough, nothing strange going on here. But it's what they requested members submit to the galleries that struck me as a little surprising.

Things the owner of the group did not want to see submitted for review were realistic vector portraits and vector traces of photographs. Things the owner did want to see included actual illustrations, but I remember the guidelines mentioned a particular proclivity toward "urban" art.

For those not in the know, the "urban" style often features spatters of paint (usually meant to emulate spray paint), graffiti, cute and funny monsters, and hip-hop or pop culture references. This isn't always what urban art is, but a lot of it does fall pray to these trappings.

I mention this because what fascinates me is that it wasn't until this moment that I realized, a large portion of what's being done in the vector scene right now is "urban." And it got me wondering why. My guess is perhaps that a lot of people who are formally trained in vector art programs have an academic background in graphic design, and many elements of urban art are very similar to those found in graphic design. Look at some urban art, and you'll see there's a lot of focus on unique typography, placement, color choices, patterns, etc. I mean, of course other forms of art incorporate those things (lord knows I do with my cartoony style), but it's all law in graphic design, and almost by association, urban art. I also find a lot of the graphic design crowd tends to have a somewhat "trendy" set of tastes, which also really caters to the sensibilities of urban art.

But then, that doesn't really make a case for the enormous amount of (often gorgeous, though creatively lacking) realistic portraits done in vector mediums. What about that form of art attracts so many vector artists? I have only ever started two realistic vector portraits, and gave up because the process just wasn't something that kept me interested enough to want to continue. The payoff was slow, and ultimately not something that came from me but rather, a photographer. What's the point? Why vector it when it's already there, represented beautifully in pixels, ready to be enjoyed?

I think it has a lot to do with the challenge, honestly. I know many people that do these realistic vector portraits, for instance, really like to eyeball the colors instead of use the color picker, and perhaps they learn more about how to use tools like the Pen Tool and gradients. I like to hope realistic vector portrait artists are doing it mostly because they hope to learn and apply the experience to other, more user-created styles of art.

Or maybe I'm just a snob. Who knows.

Anyway, that's enough from me for tonight. I hope I didn't bore you to sleep, tears, or suicide.

Take care!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sexytime Volleyball YAY!

Hey folks!

Just a quick doodle, inspired by summertime and serious boredom:

Sexy Volley Ball Girl

Speaking of summer, Christ on crackers, it's hot here in Georgia! Ugh!

Anyway, take care.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Captain America GO!

Hey folks!

I've been in a Project: Rooftop mood lately, I guess. Before, it was my redesign of Fantastic Four's Susan Storm, and now it's my entry into P:R's call to redesign Captain America!

Captain America PR redesign

About my design:

I wanted to do something classy and a little retro...30s, perhaps. I have a thing for capes, but I knew in my heart that a full-length one would do nothing for the design, so I added a short draping thing instead that allowed me to pull in the red-white-blue elements from the rest of the outfit. I chose more subtle, muted tones and even went with an olive green for the majority of the suit to give him a military feel. I didn't mess with his iconic shield too much. Didn't seem right.

Anyway, enjoy, and wish me luck!


Affiliate Banner

Hey folks!

I just created a 200x40px affiliate banner for my blog, so if you want to link to or affiliate your blog or site with my blog, feel free to use this.

Blog_affiliate banner

I'm sure it will change in the future. If it does, I'll let you know.

Thanks and take care!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Susan Storm and Such

Hey folks!

So, if you've never heard of it, there's a wonderful little site on the interwebs called Project Rooftop. The site tasks artists from all over to redesign the costumes of popular superheroes, often for fun, sometimes for contests. Good times are always had, regardless!

Recently, they asked readers to come up with new looks for several heroes desperately in need of a makeover, and one of those heroes was Susan Storm, A.K.A. The Invisible Woman of Fantastic Four fame. The problem? Whereas the other three members of The FF have very distinct looks, Sue's is just a clone of Reed Richard's iconic blue jumpsuit adorned with the famous "4."

So I tried something a little different - not drastic, but cool no less, I think.

Sue Storm redesign

For a woman who spends all of her time being invisible, I thought she might like to be noticed when her powers are not in use. So I went all crazy and silvery with her outfit. I thought it was more interesting to have the gloves and stockings/boots supported by buttons and straps, but I didn't want to get too complicated with it. It felt more unique to me, something she has that the other members certainly don't.

I hope you dig it! And I hope the folks at P:R dig it enough to post it on their site.


In other news, I vectored the (very clean) sketch of my friend seen a couple posts ago.

Opera Singer - vectored

And I remembered his tattoo this time. Yay!

Even more yays, you say? Well, Blogger seems to have finally made it easy for people to share stuff on sites like facebook and twitter, so that's pretty rad.

Alright, enough rambling. Bed time! Take care!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jackal and Lobonz

Hey folks!

Today (well, Saturday) I wasn't feeling so well, so I made it a bit of a lazy Saturday. Most of the day was spent playing Bayonetta (who I'd still very much like to draw), but I decided to sketch two of my older characters, Jackal and Lobonz, for fun!

Jackal and Lobonz - Sketch

I tried to think of other things to draw, but my brain just wasn't having it. So I vectored the image.

Jackal and Lobonz - Complete

Hooray for feeling like crap, I suppose.

I'll post this to DA tomorrow morning (or rather, later this morning as it's 3 AM). For now, it will be on my blog first! So further hoorays for all of you late-night readers. Hooray!

Anyway, I'm tired. Take care.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey folks!

I have to be honest. I'm really digging the new changes to Flickr, and I'm less irritated to use them as the host for my blog's images now that everything is streamlined and zooming, for instance, is easier on those looking to view images.

Just had to say that. Usually change upsets me at first, but all I wanna do is ask Flickr who does her hair.

Also, I intend to do more dry erase board doodles soon (I have one ready to post but it's sitting in my email). I promise that wasn't just a flimsy idea for throwing away and stuff.

In the words of the immortal Mika: Relax, take it easy.


The Duncan Family Portrait

Hey folks!

I hope you had a good 4th of July weekend (hopefully your hangovers are gone by the time this is posted). Mine was spent making art! On Saturday, after finishing this image of Charlie Dubai...

Charlie Dubai Character Art - airbrush look

...I sketched this family portrait of the gaming Duncan family (a project which finally has a working title: The Duncan Button)...

Duncan Family Portrait Sketch

And all day Sunday was devoted to finishing the image (well, I finished it Monday morning)...

Duncan Family Portrait

And then the rest of Monday was all about relaxing and letting my brain heal, basically.

Also, sketched this for a friend on Wednesday...

Will the opera Singer

A little part of relaxing on Monday was me playing "Bayonetta" on the Xbox 360. It was kind of awesome, and now I really want to do a stylish, cartoon picture of Bayonetta. It's just too irresistible. So if I get the time, expect that! ;D

Also, I need to finish thumbnailing Charlie Dubai. I'll be more likely to start the final book once that's done.

Anyway, take care,


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dry Erase Board Doodles

Hey folks!

It has been a little while since I have posted anything new on here, but I think my excuse is pretty legit: I had a computer virus that appeared to have affected my machine permanently. So my good friend Jaime did me a solid and, at no expense to me, custom-built me a new rig, and I LOOOOOOOVE it! Everything is so fast and squeaky-clean, and it's running Windows 7 so it's also fancy. Because fancy is important. One of these days, I will make it up to him somehow.

Anyway, I'm back and fully-functioning, better than ever.

Fairly recently, I got a dry erase board for my apartment. It's good for hashing out concepts and ideas that I don't become too precious with, and also just fun to have around and draw on when I'm bored or have company. Seriously, it's invaluable during the (comics) writing process.

I thought, why draw all of these neat little doodles and just erase them and let them fade into the universe forever? So I think I'll start posting some of the cooler ones up here on my art blog (you know, keep a steady stream of art flowing). Today, I bring you the first, a fun picture of Pac Duncan, gaming dad, and a bonus arcade cabinet of the fictional game, "Zong." Enjoy!

Dry Erase - Pac Duncan

Take care, folks,


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Duncan Family - Revised

Duncan Family - Revised 2010

Hey folks!

Recovering from having teeth removed, I decided to take a break from Charlie Dubai-related materials and redesign the Duncans, a family of gamers with each member representing a major gamer stereotype. You can learn more about them at the DeviantART post!



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kids Read Comics!

Hey folks!

Just wanted to post up a little advertisement for Kids Read Comics, a free convention-like even that promotes all-ages comics. It will take place from June 12th to June 13th in Dearborn, Michigan and will feature all sorts of awesome artists and workshops, for kids and adults alike! You should totally check it out if you're in the area.

For more information on this awesome event, Check out the official Kids Read Comics! website.

*Sigh.* I wish I could be there.

Anyway, don't forget to listen to the Art & Story podcast, as well! It's super-rad and great for those looking to make independent comics. Very inspirational, educational, and entertaining!

Take care, folks!


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hey folks!

Just updating to get stuff out of my brain, I guess.

I'd really like to do a series of original acrylic paintings with a unified theme, perhaps with the intention of selling the originals and prints of the image (tough to say how attached I would become, hehe).

I'm also pretty certain I'd like to try my hand at designing a t-shirt for Threadless. If my design were to be picked, the money would be really helpful right now and hey, Folks could be wearing a Drew Green on their shirts! How rad would that be? ;D

I haven't started sketching pages for "Charlie Dubai" just yet (which may or may not be fully-titled "The Adventurous Charlie Dubai" - I can't seem to get the logo to look right with the extra text but we'll see what happens). I'm still having some trouble designing Merbert, an important character in the issue. Think nerdy many directions I could go in for that!

But it's certainly on my mind. I think I might have had a sick day yesterday - tired all day, I'm not sure why! So I'll have to make good use of today. No TV for me, I guess!

Anyway, enough rambling. I just like to document where my mind is at certain periods in life, that's what a blog is good for. After all, that's what people used to use diaries and journals for! They wrote on this stuff called paper, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

Hopefully more art soon. Take care!


Monday, May 17, 2010

MerDrew for Charlie Dubai

Andrew Merman

Hey folks!

I had been designing some merpeople for the first issue of "Charlie Dubai," and decided to draw myself as a merman to promote the official Charlie Dubai blog!

Visit the blog here!

Take care!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zelda Double Feature!

Hey folks!

Here, have a couple of Zelda images from me.

Hyrule's Hero
Midna Commission

The first one was just a fun time-killer. This is the kind of Link I would draw if I, say, were to do a Legend of Zelda comic or something. Like that'll ever happen.

The second was a commission for a friend, her third in fact! Midna is a truly-awesome character, so much personality. Shame she'll probably never show up in another Zelda game (see the ending of Twilight Princess and you'll understand).



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Charlie Dubai Issue 1 Concepts

CharlieDubai issue1 character concepts

Hey folks!

Just some character concepts for Charlie Dubai (issue 1). Yeah, strange that I'm starting what could potentially be a series with a nautical theme...

click the thumbnail and go to the flicker entry to see larger versions of the image. Funtimes.

Seriously, when I was coming up with my simple "first comic" idea, I told myself I wanted to draw some freakin' mermaids. And here we are, with a freakin' mermaid!

From left to right:

Charlie Dubai, the title character, wearing a diving suit she willed with her powers. I have a serious diving suit fetish, and I'm talking crazy bubble head diving suits, not spandex and snorkels.

Merlain, as I like to call her. A mermaid that Charlie meets in the issue.

The ferryman, who doesn't really have a name yet. He's the first person you see Charlie talking to in the comic. He loves yogurt, hence the spoon-for-a-hand.



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charlie Dubai stuff

Charlie Dubai_title page_for web

Charlie and Magnus_net

The title page and initial character designs for my newest baby, "Carlie Dubai." The story is simple and explained in that comic page.

Magnus Mayhem is his name, by the way, as it says in the comic page. The "Madness" was dropped.


New Yoki logo!


Bah! Images are so difficult to figure out here on Blogger. I sure hope this doesn't cut my image off entirely.

Oh well. Here, have a description:

An updated temporary logo for "The Quest for Love with Yoki Safari." Even though production on that comic has halted until further notice (or rather, until I feel like I'm good enough to do it justice), I decided to post this anyway since it's kinda neat and I did it before I decided to put Yoki on hiatus.

I hope you like it!


New Layout...sorta....

Hey folks! more Art Drewveau. Now it's just "The Art of Drew Green." And you can see my current logo.

There was going to be a background, too, but I couldn't figure out how to make it all work without giving me a massive, unpleasant headache. So my logo looks fine all by itself.

I win.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Ditching the "Art Drewveau" Moniker...

Hey folks!

The title of this blog post says it all. I'm ditching "Art Drewveau" as the title of my blog.


Well, mostly because half of the people I hand my business card to don't get how to pronounce it. It's a play on words; like Art Nouveau (my spelling may be off...), but, you know...well, you get it.

The title bar says "The Art of Drew Green Green - Art Blog" right now, and that will be reflected in the upcoming new visuals. It is to match my personal art site, which I will reveal soon when it is ready. ;D

Hope all is going well with you guys! I'm posting stuff fairly regularly at my DeviantART page, so head on over there and check it out.



Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm back!

Hey folks!

So, as you can see, I've neglected to use my art blog in a while. Shame, right?

For those not following me on DeviantART (, I should say that I've been without the internet since Thanksgiving day until a couple of weeks ago, so I'm still picking up all of those lost, lingering pieces that I had no choice but to ignore. I admit, this has been a bit stressful for me (especially since I have a commissions list that I haven't been nearly proactive enough with).

But as I said, I have internet now, and I'd like to start utilizing my blog again. Since I last posted, I also have an official site created for me by a friend as a gift, the URL of which I won't divulge, so the name of this blog may change (or the blog might disappear entirely, not sure, we'll see, I'll let you know).

Anyway, I'm gonna go and try and fit in some drawing (just re-arranged my living room a bit so I'm in the "get stuff done" mood).

Best regards,