Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Death of the Bounty Hunter

Hey folks!

It has been a while since I've posted anything here (I say that a lot). I need to update the portfolio section and post much of the work that I have done since the last time I was here. I will do that! I'd still like to use this as my portfolio site (since DA is unprofessional and Tumblr, god bless it, is fun but messy and has a lot of my scribbly sketches on it in addition to complete illustrations).


This past weekend was the 25th anniversary of Nintendo's "Metroid" series of video games, one of my favorites. So naturally, I decided to do a tribute image. Nothing says "happy birthday" like drawing the thing you love being munched on by an energy-sucking parasite. Sorry, Samus!

Anyway, enjoy.


Note: DO NOT REBLOG THIS ON TUMBLR FROM HERE!!! I will be posting it to my Tumblr tomorrow afternoon and you can reblog it from there at that time. Thank you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

SGARB Page 1

Hey folks!

So I thought I'd share the mostly-completed first page of "The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston." The word balloon is messy but temporary (gonna do the lettering in Illustrator when I'm all done with the images).

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Batman & Robin Commission

Hey folks!

This was a commission for someone. He wanted himself and his boyfriend drawn as Batman and Robin, reminiscent of the 1960's Batman television show.

this was fun! AND it was a good opportunity to try out some texture stuff.



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sakura Vs. Shuma-Gorath

Hey folks!

This was a commission for a friend from Facebook. He wanted Sakura fighting Shuma-Gorath, both characters featured in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Inked in Adobe Illustrator CS, colored in Photoshop.



Monday, February 28, 2011

Jason P. Commissions

Hey folks!

Recently I did two commissions for a local friend. His name is Jason and he is a player on the Atlanta Bucks gay rugby team and also likes superheroes. Below are his commissions!

I had a lot of fun working on both of them. I hope you like them too!


Udon's Mega Man Tribute

Hey folks!

Not too long ago, popular art house Udon called for entries on their next book, the Mega Man Tribute. I sent in my entry and, although I'm still crossing my fingers (winners selected for the book will know it no later than tomorrow), I'm fairly certain my entry did not get selected.

In any case, here it is, exclusive to my blog until after tomorrow (depending on the news).

I sacrificed pretty much an entire weekend working on this. I'm really please with how it came out, and I hope you like it as well!


Inked in Illustrator CS, colored in Photoshop.

This image was created by me, Drew Green, and is not for use in any way, shape, or form without my permission first. Mega Man and all related characters are (c) Capcom.

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary

Hey folks!

Just last week was the 25th anniversary of "The Legend of Zelda," my favorite video game series of all time. So on Saturday, I decided to do a Livestream featuring a Zelda illustration to celebrate! This is the result.



Sketched in Paint Tool SAI, inked in Adobe Illustrator, and colored in Adobe Photoshop CS.

This image was created by me, Drew Green, and is not for use in any way, shape, or form without my permission first. "The Legend of Zelda" is (c) Nintendo.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm on Tumblr!

Hey folks!

Just wanted to let you know that you can find me on tumblr now! How exciting is that? My plan is to post minor sketches and doodles that would flounder on DA, flickr, here, etc. Follow me on tumblr and ride the awesome wave.

That's all for now!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ross Boston Promo Illustration

Hey folks!

Nothing too fancy tonight. Just a cool promo illustration of Ross Boston. Also, putting the new logo to use (with some changes made to it thanks to the helpful critique of my friend Reed Bond).

I will post this to DA tomorrow morning. For now, you blogger folks get to see it first!



Monday, January 10, 2011

Super-Gay Logo!

Hey folks!

For now, this is the logo for "The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston." Custom-made in Illustrator.  Enjoy!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - The Blue Baroness

Hey folks!

Gotta be quick with today's update, in a hurry. It's The Blue Baroness!

The city's most notorious vigilante, drag queen superhero The Blue Baroness (commonly referred to as Blue) protects the downtrodden similar to the way the Bobslist Adventure Team does. However, her methods are often morally questionable. Blue has some kind of past with Wizard Wayne, but the two disagree and do their best to avoid each other. She develops a fixation on Ross, but her motives are unclear...

About the design: I created Blue about a year and a half ago just out of nowhere. She sort of just...popped into existence. I sometimes find myself referring to drag queens as real-life superheroes without powers...big and exciting and loud and in funny clothing. I don't remember where I stuffed the old sketches and I'll have to find them and post them soon, but for now I leave you with the single page of Blue I drew. I didn't need to improve upon the previous design much...just update it a bit to fit the scenario.

Alright, and that wraps up the character profiles! It has been a good week, and I hope you feel learned on all of my Super-Gay characters!

Take it easy,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Brian Goddard

Hey folks!

Be prepared to be disenchanted, for today I give you the wholly unpleasant Brian Goddard.

Brian is Ross's boyfriend of two years. Things probably started off artificially well, but Brian is controlling and entirely unlikable and probably picked Ross as his partner understanding that he'd have no trouble keeping our hero on a short leash. When Ross is hired at the Bobslist Adventure Team, Brian (a manager at a video store that takes his job way too seriously) becomes jealous of his boyfriend's interesting new job and thus often attempts to get him fired. Because that's the kinda guy he is.

About the design: I was fortunate in that the very first sketch I did of Brian was the right one and I kinda knew it. He just sort of poured perfectly from my head onto the paper. There were a couple small revisions in the colored version but...really, it just worked! Brian is sort of gray and bland in contrast to the colorful cast of the story, and acts as a minor villain always getting in the way of the optimal performance of the Bobslist Adventure Team.

Alrighty, tomorrow you will be properly introduced to the mysterious Blue Baroness! Hope to see you here. ;D


Friday, January 7, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Nicki Noelle

Hey folks!

Say hello to a brand-new, unrevealed character in the form of Nicki Noelle!

Nicki Noelle used to live a life of danger, adventure, and intrigue back when she was the saucy sidekick to a handsome secret agent. But when this ex "Bond girl's" partner in super-secret justice fell in love with her and, due to her status as a lesbian, she could not love him back, she fled and found solace in the employment of the Bobslist Adventure team. Nicki can build and fix all sorts of interesting devices (having much experience providing a secret agent with all of his needed gadgetry). She is a super-intellect and sharp as a whip, rough and tough but still quite likable.

About the design: Nicki (whose name was Nickie during the initial sketches) was a bit of a challenge for me. I realize that I don't sympathize much with lesbians for various reasons so it was hard for me to come up with one that was not a gross, unpleasant stereotype. With the help of my friend Reed Bond, I realized that I didn't really need to stick with a stereotype to make her work. He helped me find inspiration in positive lesbian role models like Ellen DeGeneres and others, and I think it worked out well.

I have not designed Nicki's past secret agent look yet (probably something a little sexier and more classily-dressed) but look forward to that soon. ;D

Alrighty, tomorrow we will focus on Ross's unpleasant boyfriend, Brian Goddard. Be there or be straight!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Sassquatch

Hey again, folks!

Today's featured character is the gay beast, Sassquatch!

Sassquatch, or "Sass" for short, is flamboyant but aloof. Hailing from planet Sasquatchewan, Sass is a master of disguise and is always prepared to don any identity to gain the upper hand. His disguises aren't very convincing but perhaps it is his uncanny ability to make others uncomfortable that gets him by.

About the design: I hadn't really considered it before, but a friend of mine mentioned the interesting thing about Sass's design is that he is simple, a blank canvas always ready to have some obnoxious outfit put on him. Ultimately, though, I decided that the purple underwear would be his default. It just seems right, the perfect balance of obnoxious and gay.

As an aside, I rarely laugh at my own drawings while drawing them. But the page featuring many different random images of Sass wearing various disguises is just particularly hilarious to me.

Alright, see you tomorrow with another character!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Brenda Stacey

Hey folks!

Today, I'm featuring Brenda Stacey! Like, oh my god!

Brenda Stacey is an 80's workout video instructor accidentally brought to present day when Wizard Wayne was attempting to use her most famous tape, "Like, Totally Working Out!" but being in a rush, he played the video tape using the VHS Time Machine. Ripping Brenda cold and confused from the setting of her fabulous workout room and erasing events she lived in her lifetime, Brenda's absence from the timeline where she previously existed will make for many interesting scenarios. Brenda has, thankfully, made a smooth transition into modern-day life.

But she won't throw away her leg warmers. ;D

About the design: Brenda Stacey gave me heaps of trouble when I was sitting at the pizza place trying to sketch out some concepts of her. I post all four of the disastrous pages just to let you see that, no matter how much you try, some days you just won't be able to come up with an appropriate design. I didn't manage to get it right until I drew the colored image at the top that you've seen previously. It just sort of...clicked, I guess. I think it helped that I was able to refer to an older image of mine in which I drew an 80's workout instructor for a video game-related contest. Strangely enough, I called this character Brenda, as well!

Also, random picture of Wizard Wayne!

Alrighty, come back tomorrow for some Sassquatch action!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Wizard Wayne

Hey folks!

Today's character profile is Wizard Wayne!

Leader of the Bobslist Adventure Team, Wizard Wayne is tall, imposing, and whimsical. He has a soft spot for the people he aims to protect, the downtrodden and unusual.

About the design: It was sort of hard to come up with a wizard character that didn't rely on his wizard hat to look like a wizard. I feared giving Wayne a hat would make him too similar to any number of wizards in popular fiction. It is unclear whether Wayne is human or not, as questioned by his pointy ears. His robe looks a bit like a nightgown but it creates such a nice, curvy flow that allows Wayne to appear regal, mysterious, or imposing at any given time. I'm not sure it comes across so well in this image, but his outfit is supposed to simulate a night sky, complete with a fade into the darkness of space and featuring many bright stars. We'll see how it reads in later images. ;D

That's all I can confidently say right now. More on him later!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Ross Boston

Hey folks!

I do this thing a lot where I disappear for a little while then come back and announce to an empty room that I'm here. And I'm gonna do it again. Last time I posted on this blog was back in November (which was also the last time I did a Livestream, yeesh!), and I feel a little bad about that. I guess the "hiatus" was probably due to the fact that most of the work I was producing was Christmas-or-commission-or-both-related, so I couldn't post any of it here. Soon, I will, but not yet.

Anyway, I want to start posting some of my sketches related to my newest pet project, "The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston." A comedy following the exploits of of a young 20-something as he joins a team of supernatural specialists located in a palace on top of a skyscraper, "Super-Gay" is my attempt at making a comic about a gay character who is not a porn star, but in fact a perfectly regular person with (mostly) normal problems.

As I get to them, I will feature a character on the blog with the most up-to-date image of them and then some sketches showing the progression of their design (and you might be disappointed to find that I don't have pages and pages of concepts, but that's just not how I design - unless I don't feel like I've "found" the character, I usually am pretty quick to come up with something).

Appropriately, we'll start off with our hero, Ross Boston!

Ross Boston is a bit of a pushover. Left jobless, he seeks the aid of Bobslist.web, a website devoted to job listings. He makes the mistake of clicking on the "Adventure and Excitement" listing instead of the one devoted to "Art and Design," however, and spots and ad looking to hire a new member to the Bobslist Adventure Team. Unqualified but interested, our hero applies and after a rigorous interview, he is hired! Hilarity ensues.

About the design: I wanted to make a character that was not what many people typically consider a gay stereotype. I imagine Ross does not know that he is attractive but dresses well enough anyway, as though something in the back of his head tells him he is supposed to. His lack of self-confidence contrasts his decent fashion sense and good looks. Ultimately, I also sought to design a character that I'd be happy drawing over and over again, and I think that - if nothing else - was a success.

Alright, that's it for today's entry! See you next time with another "Super-Gay" character. ;D