Friday, November 13, 2009

Yoki Safari Quick Paint

Yoki_quickpaint, originally uploaded by SnailsvenueDrew.


Just a quick paint of Yoki Safari in Photoshop. No, that's not her middle finger, it's her index finger. ;D

This is a good indication of where her design is heading. I want something very simple, a little Star Wars in nature. I may give her a laser pistol on her other leg, but I haven't decided. She is a warrior princess, though, so she should be well-equipped. We'll see.

Anyway, enjoy!



  1. Hi Andrew!
    My name is Hannah. You drew a picture of me once. And then I found you on DA and you're an illustrator now! Cool :D
    Just wanted to say hi and good luck!
    ~Hannah who you knew at East Coweta for a minute

  2. Hannah! Of course I remember you! I never forget a person that I drew, especially one as great as you were. I hope you come back and read my blog again so that I can give you my contact info (I'd love to chat on yahoo or something, it has been forever)!