Monday, February 28, 2011

Udon's Mega Man Tribute

Hey folks!

Not too long ago, popular art house Udon called for entries on their next book, the Mega Man Tribute. I sent in my entry and, although I'm still crossing my fingers (winners selected for the book will know it no later than tomorrow), I'm fairly certain my entry did not get selected.

In any case, here it is, exclusive to my blog until after tomorrow (depending on the news).

I sacrificed pretty much an entire weekend working on this. I'm really please with how it came out, and I hope you like it as well!


Inked in Illustrator CS, colored in Photoshop.

This image was created by me, Drew Green, and is not for use in any way, shape, or form without my permission first. Mega Man and all related characters are (c) Capcom.


  1. I found you through Mukpuddy's tumblr account...and THIS IS AWESOME!! Fantastic work...I'm gonna follow your blog now if you don't mind..


  2. Dude, this is fantastic! I love yer style my friend!!!

  3. Great entry man!
    Especially love your shading technique!
    Whats your secret? Custom PS brush or you're using something else.
    PS: Great stuff u got herre!

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