Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dry Erase Board Doodles

Hey folks!

It has been a little while since I have posted anything new on here, but I think my excuse is pretty legit: I had a computer virus that appeared to have affected my machine permanently. So my good friend Jaime did me a solid and, at no expense to me, custom-built me a new rig, and I LOOOOOOOVE it! Everything is so fast and squeaky-clean, and it's running Windows 7 so it's also fancy. Because fancy is important. One of these days, I will make it up to him somehow.

Anyway, I'm back and fully-functioning, better than ever.

Fairly recently, I got a dry erase board for my apartment. It's good for hashing out concepts and ideas that I don't become too precious with, and also just fun to have around and draw on when I'm bored or have company. Seriously, it's invaluable during the (comics) writing process.

I thought, why draw all of these neat little doodles and just erase them and let them fade into the universe forever? So I think I'll start posting some of the cooler ones up here on my art blog (you know, keep a steady stream of art flowing). Today, I bring you the first, a fun picture of Pac Duncan, gaming dad, and a bonus arcade cabinet of the fictional game, "Zong." Enjoy!

Dry Erase - Pac Duncan

Take care, folks,



  1. That is a wonderful idea. We all get the benefit of your genius!

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