Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cranston Silvernose Concepts

Hey folks!

This time, I bring to you some concepts of a minor character in "The Quest for Love with Yoki Safari," Cranston Silvernose. Cranston is the town science man. He invents, discovers, pokes and prods at things, and is an infinite source of wisdom. Naturally, though, he is very eccentric.

Cranston Silvernose pen concepts
Cranston Silvernose colored concept

The pen and ink concepts were done during work at the video store a couple weeks ago. It's all in chronological order. You can see that the character started out looking really different from what I ultimately ended up with.

Admittedly, I much prefer the wide-eyed, vibrant Cranston seen in the pen and ink concepts to the one from the colored concept. I feel he does not have the same liveliness about him, but that's okay. I can instill that later.

The colors are not final, I should say. Something feels off about them. But it's a good start.

The thing on his back is sort of a ticks away as the hot moon rises and sets. Cranston is rarely seen outside of his little laboratory, so he needs some method of knowing what time it is. ;D

Cranston will not be a particularly prominent character. His real introduction beyond just being present in the background will probably be somewhere around issue 3. That's the plan right now, anyway.

Alrighty, g'night folks!



  1. "Cranston Silvernose" is pretty much the most amazing name ever. Also, love the sketches!

  2. Thanks Regina! "Cranston" comes from my recent marathon watch of "Breaking Bad," starring Brian Cranston, and "Silvernose" is a reference to the song "Black Letter Day" by The Cardigans. Just so you know. ;D

  3. are you just praying on my weaknesses, drew? <3 what a cute li'l old guy!

  4. I like the concept. This style closely resembles The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It's very cool!

  5. Thanks! The Wind Waker was an enormous inspiration in the shaping of my style, and I still greatly enjoy the style employed in that game.

  6. I absolutely love concept art and your style is so unique! Thanks for being a source of inspiration :]

  7. That is very kind of you, Anders, thank you!

  8. Hah he is just precious in an old-little-man sort of way! Love the coloured version!