Monday, November 1, 2010

Ridley Vs. The Boos

Hey folks!

A late night/early morning post this time, since I need to update my blog.

Big news:  I have a Livestream page!  You can go there to watch me draw live every now and then (I'll make noise about when I'll do it).

To kick things off, I created my celebratory Halloween image from start to finish throughout three live events on my streaming channel, and I think that despite some technical difficulties experienced largely during the coloring stage, the experience was a positive one.

Let's start with the finished image, I s'pose:

The image features one of my own original characters, gamer geek Ridley Duncan, dressed to resemble Mario. Some Boos and a mid-transformation coin block were thrown in for good measure and "scary" fun, to keep things Halloween-y (lawl).

Here are the process shots:

I started with an idea of what I wanted to do on the air with a quick and dirty sketch. Off-air, I made some edits and even added more background elements to flesh out the image and make it way more interesting and closer to the theme. Back on air, the concept was polished when I inked my sketch in Adobe Illustrator, and later that night I colored the image from start to finish live. I topped the piece off with some glows on the Boos and gold elements and a subtle color filter to bring it all together.

I hope you dig it! Lemme know your thoughts!


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