Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Charlie Dubai Issue 1 Concepts

CharlieDubai issue1 character concepts

Hey folks!

Just some character concepts for Charlie Dubai (issue 1). Yeah, strange that I'm starting what could potentially be a series with a nautical theme...

click the thumbnail and go to the flicker entry to see larger versions of the image. Funtimes.

Seriously, when I was coming up with my simple "first comic" idea, I told myself I wanted to draw some freakin' mermaids. And here we are, with a freakin' mermaid!

From left to right:

Charlie Dubai, the title character, wearing a diving suit she willed with her powers. I have a serious diving suit fetish, and I'm talking crazy bubble head diving suits, not spandex and snorkels.

Merlain, as I like to call her. A mermaid that Charlie meets in the issue.

The ferryman, who doesn't really have a name yet. He's the first person you see Charlie talking to in the comic. He loves yogurt, hence the spoon-for-a-hand.




  1. i sure wish i had a spoon for a hand. c: mmm, yogurt.

  2. I agree, having a spoon for a hand would come in super-handy!