Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hey folks!

Just updating to get stuff out of my brain, I guess.

I'd really like to do a series of original acrylic paintings with a unified theme, perhaps with the intention of selling the originals and prints of the image (tough to say how attached I would become, hehe).

I'm also pretty certain I'd like to try my hand at designing a t-shirt for Threadless. If my design were to be picked, the money would be really helpful right now and hey, Folks could be wearing a Drew Green on their shirts! How rad would that be? ;D

I haven't started sketching pages for "Charlie Dubai" just yet (which may or may not be fully-titled "The Adventurous Charlie Dubai" - I can't seem to get the logo to look right with the extra text but we'll see what happens). I'm still having some trouble designing Merbert, an important character in the issue. Think nerdy many directions I could go in for that!

But it's certainly on my mind. I think I might have had a sick day yesterday - tired all day, I'm not sure why! So I'll have to make good use of today. No TV for me, I guess!

Anyway, enough rambling. I just like to document where my mind is at certain periods in life, that's what a blog is good for. After all, that's what people used to use diaries and journals for! They wrote on this stuff called paper, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

Hopefully more art soon. Take care!


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