Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zelda Double Feature!

Hey folks!

Here, have a couple of Zelda images from me.

Hyrule's Hero
Midna Commission

The first one was just a fun time-killer. This is the kind of Link I would draw if I, say, were to do a Legend of Zelda comic or something. Like that'll ever happen.

The second was a commission for a friend, her third in fact! Midna is a truly-awesome character, so much personality. Shame she'll probably never show up in another Zelda game (see the ending of Twilight Princess and you'll understand).




  1. you make link look so young and adventurous! also, a little bit mischievous. ;)

  2. Thanks! Link is an adventurer, so I imagine he probably would be a little mischievous. ;D

  3. I adore Midna, as well. I have to say I prefer the studly teenage Link from Ocarina of Time to the shrimpy guy from Windwaker.

    I am a fairly rabid Zelda your interpretations!

  4. Haha, thanks Tara! I really like Wind Waker and its art style did a lot to inspire me, but of course Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite Zelda game.