Sunday, August 8, 2010

Color Holds In Illustrator Are Tough...

Hey folks!

Just wanted to blow my own horn. I threw together a new ID for Deviantart, because I wanted one to reflect my current beardiness. Here are the inks:

DA ID August 2010 - inks

And the fully-colored version:

DA ID August 2010 - colored

Take a look at where the beard meets the hair, in both versions. In Illustrator CS, making colored lines - or "color holds," as I believe I've heard them referred previously - is a bit more of a challenge than it is in, say, Photoshop. It requires some patience, forethought, and in many ways, a "well, looks like you're gonna have to do that all over again, because you messed up, buddy! mindset. It's Satisfying, but tricky.

Imagine throwing a gradient into that. That complicates things a little bit.

So look at and appreciate the beard-to-hair transition. Because it was hard. Yes, I would love some cheese to go with my whine.

Take care,


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  1. Hah, this is awesome! It boggles my mind that you can create such awesome stuff in illustrator, I can only ever do lineless pics in it because like you said, coloured lines are so complicated. :p