Monday, August 30, 2010

Pencil Tool Fun Time!

Hey folks,

So last night I was playing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game on Xbox 360, which is pretty fun and worth the $10 asking price. My favorite aspect of the game is its beautifully-illustrated character sprites, showcased in a fun style indicative of the comic but its very own thing at the same time. The artwork inspired me to go into Photoshop and build my own pixel character. The result was only okay (straight-up pixel art is not one of my strong suits) but I can't show it to you because it's one of the "date" characters from Yoki Safari, and I'm not prepared to reveal any of those guys just yet. ;D

But the effort was not totally pointless. I sat back down after playing some more of the game with a friend and half-heartedly fiddled around with the pencil tool even more, and found that it makes inking infinitely more easy and quick, and looks fantastic! Because of the anti-aliased nature of the lines, coloring is also a million times simpler.

The first result was a fun doodle of a tattooed girl:

Chibi tattoo chick

Second, I did a fun picture of Charlie Dubai's head in a talk bubble:

Charlie's head in a bubble

Then I did this freaky picture of some evil chick. I don't much care for it, it's kind of awful, but here you go anyway:

Evil chick doodle

That's a lie. I like the shines in her hair, I guess.

More things to come, soon. I'm going to continue experimenting with the pencil tool and see what kind of benefits I can get from it.

Take care,



  1. I like the tattooed girl a lot. She looks a bit like Sheena from Tales of Symphonia, except more awesome. Also, is that a bandaid, or a bandaid tattoo?

    The texture from the pencil tool also looks really awesome. If you're looking to draw girls with shiny dark hair I think I know someone who would like their picture drawn :D Just sayin'....

  2. I love so much your art, I follow.