Sunday, August 1, 2010

Charlie Dubai Vs. Magnus Mayhem

Hey folks!

Started on this one last night (sketched in Photoshop, inked in Illustrator) and colored it (Photoshop) today. It's a promotional piece for my comic, "Charlie Dubai," and once I get my Etsy shop up and running again, this will be featured as a print (signed, of course).

Charlie Dubai Vs Magnus Mayhem

Last night as I became extremely tired after working on this, I watched some "Samurai Jack" on DVD to wind down. I actually hadn't really appreciated the show when it was on the air. My mind was in a different place, and my tastes were less-refined. I didn't "get" it. But now I do. Let's toss aside the fact that the storytelling in each show is super-tight and very compelling, and examine that every single shot in that cartoon is an absolute work of art. Never have I seen a style so honed and delicious, full of nuances but simple enough to digest without any problems. Characters are flat and bold in color and line, not a single one poorly-designed or not compelling, and backgrounds are beautifully textured and wonderfully stylized. Mr. Tartakovsky didn't create a cartoon, he created a visual masterpiece.

I only mention it because I think it directly informed the way I colored this. I've been working hard to make some more traditional-looking brushes in Photoshop, to decent results. I would not compare my art to anything seen on that show, but I can say that it has inspired me to work harder at a certain look.

Anyway, enjoy the art! I'll let you know when it and other pieces go on sale!


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  1. Before I even read your entry I was going to say that the background looks very Samurai Jack action style. I love what you're doing with this new coloring style, it's just as scrumptious as the show that inspired it.

    I love Samurai Jack. I loved it when it first came out. I remember taping the first five or so episodes when they first aired and then watched them over and over. That was back when VHS tapes weren't extinct yet. XD How far have you gotten so far?