Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Largest Nosering Ever Version 2

Hey folks!

Here, have a new version of one of my older, all-vector works:

Largest nosering Ever V2

I've been on a bit of a Photoshop kick lately. I think it has been good for me to give the vectors a bit of a rest, letting my hand do all the work again instead of the mouse. Mind, I sketch in Photoshop, but I often produce the finished image in Illustrator, which is a great program but so technical that sometimes it can be creatively stifling.

One thing I have a really hard time with where digital painting is concerned is line art. I dunno what it is, perhaps I have a shaky, unsteady hand, but I just cannot seem to get the nice, crisp results some people can inking in programs like Photoshop (which, frankly, isn't the best program for inking anyway). So I exported the inks of one of my previous images as a Photoshop doc and decided to paint it. You can see the all-vector version here.

You know, I take pride in my ability to make Illustrator do some pretty neat things, and I really like the original version of this image, but...I think I like this one better! I think it has a little more life to it, some of the color choices are better (I always hated my decision to go with that macaroni yellow background, but nothing else seemed to work).

I would love your feedback!



Inks: Adobe Illustrator CS. Colors: Photoshop CS.

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