Thursday, July 22, 2010

Captain America GO!

Hey folks!

I've been in a Project: Rooftop mood lately, I guess. Before, it was my redesign of Fantastic Four's Susan Storm, and now it's my entry into P:R's call to redesign Captain America!

Captain America PR redesign

About my design:

I wanted to do something classy and a little retro...30s, perhaps. I have a thing for capes, but I knew in my heart that a full-length one would do nothing for the design, so I added a short draping thing instead that allowed me to pull in the red-white-blue elements from the rest of the outfit. I chose more subtle, muted tones and even went with an olive green for the majority of the suit to give him a military feel. I didn't mess with his iconic shield too much. Didn't seem right.

Anyway, enjoy, and wish me luck!


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