Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Susan Storm and Such

Hey folks!

So, if you've never heard of it, there's a wonderful little site on the interwebs called Project Rooftop. The site tasks artists from all over to redesign the costumes of popular superheroes, often for fun, sometimes for contests. Good times are always had, regardless!

Recently, they asked readers to come up with new looks for several heroes desperately in need of a makeover, and one of those heroes was Susan Storm, A.K.A. The Invisible Woman of Fantastic Four fame. The problem? Whereas the other three members of The FF have very distinct looks, Sue's is just a clone of Reed Richard's iconic blue jumpsuit adorned with the famous "4."

So I tried something a little different - not drastic, but cool no less, I think.

Sue Storm redesign

For a woman who spends all of her time being invisible, I thought she might like to be noticed when her powers are not in use. So I went all crazy and silvery with her outfit. I thought it was more interesting to have the gloves and stockings/boots supported by buttons and straps, but I didn't want to get too complicated with it. It felt more unique to me, something she has that the other members certainly don't.

I hope you dig it! And I hope the folks at P:R dig it enough to post it on their site.


In other news, I vectored the (very clean) sketch of my friend seen a couple posts ago.

Opera Singer - vectored

And I remembered his tattoo this time. Yay!

Even more yays, you say? Well, Blogger seems to have finally made it easy for people to share stuff on sites like facebook and twitter, so that's pretty rad.

Alright, enough rambling. Bed time! Take care!



  1. Thanks for linking to that thing on Project Rooftop, I hadn't seen it and I think I'd like to give it a go!

    I like the button thing on your Susan!

  2. hahah this fellow is just awesome love the everyday-guy feel