Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Caricatures yay!

Hey folks!

So, the other night, I got a little bored and yet somehow simultaneously inspired, so I decided to fill my free time (and then some) with some art. This was the result:

Caricatures_colored and collected

These are caricatures of people I am friends with on facebook! Some of them I know in real life, some of them I do not, but all of them were a lot of fun to draw. Here, have some blurby hotness about each one.

-Will: I have drawn this fellow before, but I didn't feel like the likeness was quite...there. I know it's hard for you guys to know without a comparison, but I think this one looks more like him, I think. He is in fancy opera-singing attire. Or at least that's what I assume, considering the reference photo I used.

-Tim: I don't know Tim that well, but he seems like a cool guy. And frankly, with those awesome tattoos and the epic sunglasses and mustache, how could I possibly resist? His tattoos are not entirely accurate, but it's the essence that counts the most when drawing in a cartoony style, and don't you forget it, kids!

-Matt: The most interesting thing about this particular caricature is that it wouldn't (and didn't) look a thing like Matt without his lightly-colored eyes. It's amazing how something so small can make such an enormous difference! Oh, and a word to Matt: cheer up, cheeseburger, it's not all so bad.

-Katie: She's a long-time friend of mine, I had no choice! Actually, that's not why I drew her. I did so because I've never drawn a picture of her that looked anything like her, and it was about time I did. I think it's successful, though I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that she looks like a Scott Pilgrim character here. ;D

-Wes: My father's best friend, he has known me since I was very very young. This ones stands out in that I think it looks the most like the person it's supposed to be (hard for you to know, I know, no point of reference). I don't know how it happened, but when drawing Wes, he just poured out of hands and onto the digital canvas, it was amazing! I hope he agrees...

-Jen: Wes's wife and all-around cool gal, why would I not want to draw her? I fear her hair is a little big here, and maybe not long enough...but I tried. Your facebook photos are dark, Jen! By the way, if you had photos of yourself with your new vintage-styled hair, I would have included that. For shame, Jen, for shame.

-Tara: Tara's pretty awesome. From my admittedly limited time knowing her so far, I can already tell that Tara is an adventurous, smart lady with a "glass-half-full" attitude and a lot of interesting things to say. You can read those interesting things at her blog, Sylace Says Yes (hence the "YES!" word balloon). I highly recommend you give her a read!

GUYS! I could totally write an animated/comic book sitcom and use you as the cast of that sitcom! I love how these came out!

Frankly, my favorite part about this little project was just how challenging it was to capture the likenesses and essences of these people, and how rewarding it was when I finally felt like I did. I'm so used to drawing things from my head, and in many ways that can be easier because I'm in control. But when you draw real people, you have to be faithful to whom they really are or you run the risk of disrespecting their being. I hope you guys feel like I did you justice!

And if you don't, well...these were unsolicited, free commissions, so stop bitching.

Take care!


PS: Don't feel bad if you were not included this time around. I enjoyed doing this so much that I wouldn't be surprised to find myself doing it again in the near future, and naturally I'll need a whole host of new subjects. ;D


  1. love your style it's so funny

  2. We should be friends on facebook so you can draw a picture of me. Also, Monkey Island!

  3. These all ended up amazing. I'm kind of jealous actually.

  4. What a delightful gift, Drew, thank you so much!!
    I would really like to pay you to do my two sons. I'd love to have them on the wall. Please give me an idea of cost, k? Oh, they would make wonderful gifts for their art collector Grandma who lives in Seattle, too. She has signed Dali lithographs. You could be right there, too!
    Next batch you should do Frank I would love to see that. But now you will get a million requests!

  5. This turned out wonderfully!
    Thanks so much, that was so sweet of you to draw me. <3

    -psst- my hair is black now :x

    but still awesome! XD

  6. I really like the look and feel of these, different from your normal vectors, what kind of brush did you use? (I'm guessing this was in photoshop)

  7. Hah, it was very cool to read the descriptions of the people you drew. I definitely know what you mean about one little detail (such as the color of Matt's eyes) making a huge difference. :)

  8. Aww! This is so cool! I loved reading the descriptions of everyone. I can tell you took a lot of care into making this, very sweet! ;D

  9. These are awsome! The katie one reminds me a bit of myself lol

  10. Can I commission you to make the artwork for my podcast? It's called the Most Interesting Homeless Man in The World.