Sunday, January 9, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - The Blue Baroness

Hey folks!

Gotta be quick with today's update, in a hurry. It's The Blue Baroness!

The city's most notorious vigilante, drag queen superhero The Blue Baroness (commonly referred to as Blue) protects the downtrodden similar to the way the Bobslist Adventure Team does. However, her methods are often morally questionable. Blue has some kind of past with Wizard Wayne, but the two disagree and do their best to avoid each other. She develops a fixation on Ross, but her motives are unclear...

About the design: I created Blue about a year and a half ago just out of nowhere. She sort of just...popped into existence. I sometimes find myself referring to drag queens as real-life superheroes without powers...big and exciting and loud and in funny clothing. I don't remember where I stuffed the old sketches and I'll have to find them and post them soon, but for now I leave you with the single page of Blue I drew. I didn't need to improve upon the previous design much...just update it a bit to fit the scenario.

Alright, and that wraps up the character profiles! It has been a good week, and I hope you feel learned on all of my Super-Gay characters!

Take it easy,

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