Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Wizard Wayne

Hey folks!

Today's character profile is Wizard Wayne!

Leader of the Bobslist Adventure Team, Wizard Wayne is tall, imposing, and whimsical. He has a soft spot for the people he aims to protect, the downtrodden and unusual.

About the design: It was sort of hard to come up with a wizard character that didn't rely on his wizard hat to look like a wizard. I feared giving Wayne a hat would make him too similar to any number of wizards in popular fiction. It is unclear whether Wayne is human or not, as questioned by his pointy ears. His robe looks a bit like a nightgown but it creates such a nice, curvy flow that allows Wayne to appear regal, mysterious, or imposing at any given time. I'm not sure it comes across so well in this image, but his outfit is supposed to simulate a night sky, complete with a fade into the darkness of space and featuring many bright stars. We'll see how it reads in later images. ;D

That's all I can confidently say right now. More on him later!


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