Thursday, January 6, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Sassquatch

Hey again, folks!

Today's featured character is the gay beast, Sassquatch!

Sassquatch, or "Sass" for short, is flamboyant but aloof. Hailing from planet Sasquatchewan, Sass is a master of disguise and is always prepared to don any identity to gain the upper hand. His disguises aren't very convincing but perhaps it is his uncanny ability to make others uncomfortable that gets him by.

About the design: I hadn't really considered it before, but a friend of mine mentioned the interesting thing about Sass's design is that he is simple, a blank canvas always ready to have some obnoxious outfit put on him. Ultimately, though, I decided that the purple underwear would be his default. It just seems right, the perfect balance of obnoxious and gay.

As an aside, I rarely laugh at my own drawings while drawing them. But the page featuring many different random images of Sass wearing various disguises is just particularly hilarious to me.

Alright, see you tomorrow with another character!


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