Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super-Gay Profile - Brian Goddard

Hey folks!

Be prepared to be disenchanted, for today I give you the wholly unpleasant Brian Goddard.

Brian is Ross's boyfriend of two years. Things probably started off artificially well, but Brian is controlling and entirely unlikable and probably picked Ross as his partner understanding that he'd have no trouble keeping our hero on a short leash. When Ross is hired at the Bobslist Adventure Team, Brian (a manager at a video store that takes his job way too seriously) becomes jealous of his boyfriend's interesting new job and thus often attempts to get him fired. Because that's the kinda guy he is.

About the design: I was fortunate in that the very first sketch I did of Brian was the right one and I kinda knew it. He just sort of poured perfectly from my head onto the paper. There were a couple small revisions in the colored version but...really, it just worked! Brian is sort of gray and bland in contrast to the colorful cast of the story, and acts as a minor villain always getting in the way of the optimal performance of the Bobslist Adventure Team.

Alrighty, tomorrow you will be properly introduced to the mysterious Blue Baroness! Hope to see you here. ;D


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